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POFMA Is Powerless Against Brave Activists Like TOC!

The government tried to bring down The Online Citizen (TOC) again! Recently, TOC shared a video interview with an elderly who alleged that she was bullied by the police. This video was subsequently POFMAed by the minister with two positions (Law and Home Affairs) Shanmugam who wasted his time by …

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MOM Should POFMA Themselves For Talking Cock!

The problem with all these ministries is that they always think they almighty. They will never admit when they are wrong, all they do is blame Singaporeans first. Recently, MOM anyhow say that DJ Jade Rasif lied about her maid being tested positive for COVID-19 after being released from quarantine …

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Nabei! People Are Betting On Daily COVID Cases In Singapore?!

Singaporeans really everything also can bet. We received an anonymous tipoff that there is a gambling chat on WhatsApp which allows people to bet on the number of daily cases in Singapore. People can place bets in 4 categories – total cases, import cases, local cases, and unlinked cases. From …

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