Covid19: Straits Times Removed Sentence About Policemen Who “Walked Past” Robertson Quay Social Gatherings

Recently there was public outcry over several photos of groups gathering along Robertson Quay. Some of these people were allegedly gathering around to socialise after buying takeaway alcohol from nearby restaurants. The Straits Times (ST) published a 17 May 2020 article on this incident. However sharp-eyed netizens noticed the state media had altered this article. Screenshots of the article showed the deleted sentence said "The marketing manager at SPH radio said she saw two uniformed policemen in the area, but they "just walked past"".

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Police Car Allegedly Swerves Two Lanes Along Holland Road

I was driving along Lornie Road while this horrendous experience took place, just before the traffic light at Empress Road Market and Food Centre. Police vehicle, QX758U was traveling on 4th lane, abruptly swerved to 2nd lane within the blink of an eye and sped off like a jet. If I had not been vigilant, accident would have taken place!

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