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Ironic That Fate Of Grand Prix Can Be Decided Sooner Than Announcement Of General Election Rules

Due to this "urgency" to call for an elections, the Workers' Party (WP) called for the government to "publish election campaign rules forthwidth" so that all political parties have a clear idea of how they can campaign safely despite the ongoing Covid19 pandemic. However, the same MTI minister Chan Chun Sing excused the Elections Department (ELD) saying that they have to explore various scenarios and rules due to the "evolving" Covid19 situation. When the ELD is ready, election candidates and parties will be given "sufficient time" to know the rules and regulations. If the GE is to be held on July 2020, does it seem ironic that the fate of the Grand Prix (which will be held later in September 2020) can be decided earlier than the announcement of GE campaign rules?

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S’porean Woman Unhappy With SQ For Denying To Cater To Son’s Food Allergy

A Singaporean woman who was on a Singapore Airlines Business Class flight was unhappy at the airlines for failing to cater to her son's food allergy. She had presented proof of her son's condition but was denied a customised in-flight meal. One of the staff on board had to bring her husband down the plane so that he can get a takeaway meal. How pathetic!

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