PR Status of CECA Couple Who Abused Maid Should be Revoked!

A few days ago there was a report in the newspapers of a couple; both of whom were Indian Nationals with PR Status convicted for abusing and assaulting their Foreign Domestic maid also from India soon after the FDW started working for them. Here is a case of Indian Nationals from India who thinks like in their Country can do any crime and get away unpunished with money.

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Dishonest Grabfood Rider Indicated Order Delivered But Customer Did Not Receive It

Grab said to her that the rider has throw the food away as my mum did not put her unit number and said that the rider did give her a call. But my mum did not receive any phone calls or messages from the rider. The question is did the rider really throw the food away??? Grab should really reflect on its customer service as it is atrocious as they refuse to give my mum a refund!

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Reasons Why Sinkies Don't Want To Have Kids in Singapore

10 years of education to survive in a education system that only encourages rote memorization and conformity without questioning. 2 years of NS to set us back in our career. 30 years of working in a environment that protects foreigners that allow them to get into cushy jobs without protection for Singaporeans.

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The Judiciary Exists To Keep Us Safe From Criminals, Not Civil Activists, Bloggers, Or Politicians

What politicians fail to or do not wish to understand is the ramifications this will have on maintaining trust in State Institutions. The Courts and police exist for the sole purpose of keeping us safe and apprehending criminals and syndicates, not civil activists, bloggers or other politicians.

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Despite Opposition Winning More Seats At GE2020, They Still Have More Grounds To Cover To Beat PAP

Although the WP has managed to capture another GRC owing to gutter politicking by the establishment, the PAP still controls an unacceptable 83 seats in Parliament which makes frequent adjustments to the Constitution entirely plausible without much dissent. The Sec-Gen of the WP though offered “Leader of the Opposition” title by the government in name, still has that unresolved PRPTC lawsuit hanging over his head as is his fellow MP Raeesah Khan who has been implicated in ongoing police investigations by an ardent PAP member.

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MOM Should Organise More Practical On-The-Job Internships Instead of Theory Based Courses To Help Upskill Workers

Many learning institutions has started WSQ courses which are competency based and most courses are minimum 3 days long and maximum 5 days week. Sadly in intensive based industries; such theory based courses is counter productive. Take for example in an automobile workshop where one learns the trade not based on classroom theory but hands on, On The Job Training (OJT).

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