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SG50 Special #49: Madam Indranee Nadisen, the Superwoman Who Raised 45 Children In Singapore

It is these challenges that inspired me to write in and nominate this 74 year old Singaporean superwoman by the name of Indranee Elizabeth Nadisen for your SG50 Series. Not only does she have six children of her own, over the past 35 years, she fostered and cared for a total of 45 abandoned, abused or neglected children. Her selflessness and dedication to helping the under-privileged is beyond words. While these 45 fostered children were under her care, she treated them no differently from her own children.

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SG50 Special #50: Chill Crab Founder Cher Yam Tian

Food, food and more food. Singapore is the ultimate foodie's paradise and it is no wonder whenever visitors hit our Sunny shores, the first thing on their minds is Singaporean food. Chances are they have a bucket list of must try dishes and the Chilli Crab dish is THE local gastronomical experience stacked at the top of this list. Singaporeans may not be aware but the Chilli Crab has become a global ambassador of Singapore's food culture together with the likes of Chicken rice and Laksa. But behind the glamour of being Singapore's culinary poster boy, the Chilli Crab was borne out of the humblest of origins. It was not magically created in some five star restaurant but in one of the kampungs near the shores of East Coast during the 1950s when a lady named Cher Yam Tian tried to please her husband tastebuds during dinner time.

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While I acknowledge that there are some shortcomings in Singapore as no system is perfect, one ought to look at the bigger picture in order to fully appreciate the situation. As we approach our 50th year of independence, it is my hope that young people who do not know the kind of suffering their forefathers went through start appreciating the standard of living in Singapore.

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