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Restaurant & Bar Hoteliers Alliance Come Together To Raise Funds For Single Mother Whose Flat was Burnt Down

On Good Friday, a fire swept through a 10th-floor HDB flat in Sengkang belonging to a single mother and her 3 children. The fire damaged the entire master bedroom, toilets, and sewerage pipes, as well as part of the living room. Her upstairs neighbour's toilet was also damaged and she might have to pay for those damages. To help her out, the Restaurant & Bar Hoteliers Alliance (RBHA) came together to raise funds for this poor family during this time of need.

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I hope you can post my story up on your wall and warn consumers about Groupon SG so called 3rd party delivery services named Raidere X. Apparently, mine is not the only case. My girlfriend ordered something from Groupon SG and the parcel is to be delivered to my office as I had agreed to help her to collect it. Foremost, This Malay delivery guy called me and told me that my parcel is here BUT he needs me to go down and collect it personally and if I dont, he will need to leave the premises as nobody is looking after his truck of goods. Look after? You mean the whole truck will be stolen just because you did a delivery??

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