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After the election results, opposition supporters were quick to blame the 60.1% for giving the PAP such a large majority in parliament and the mandate for unpopular and unwanted policies like the Population White Paper. Rather than blame the 60.1% for the results, many of the 39.9% of opposition voters should also blame themselves for doing nothing except voting against the PAP. Yes, you guys voted against the PAP. But that is not enough if you want real democratic progress.

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10 things YOU should know about Tan Jee Say’s SFP

Yesterday, former Presidential Candidate Tan Jee Say announced the formation of a new Political Party in Singapore called Singaporeans First. This has been met with mixed reactions and many misunderstandings, some call the name of the Party a xenophobic and populist one. Others even came up with theory that Tan Jee Say was a mole from the PAP who formed the Party instead of joining an already existing one to dilute the non-PAP votes, the presence of former government servants and YPAP members also furthers strengthens this theory.

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Ex-SPH Journalist Bertha Henson: Tan Jee Say’s SFP comprises of PAP-grown clones with anti-PAP brains

I met Mr Tan Jee Say many moons ago when he was still serving in the Prime Minister’s Office. Like any good reporter hoping to establish a “contact”, I invited him out to lunch. He picked a really, really expensive place, way beyond my means and I wondered if my boss would approve of me putting up the lunch tab as an expense. I am really sorry but that was my most vivid initial recollection of the man who panicked a poor rookie reporter.

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