Huawei Assured Consumers Of Continued Updates & Services, But How Will S'poreans React?

Huawei announced that users who have already bought its products will not be affected following its ban. It will continue to provide security updates and after sales services to its consumers. It did not forget to remind fans of its "substantial contributions" to the tech industry and users all over the world. Will Singaporeans remain indifferent or rush to sell their phones?

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S'porean Woman Unhappy With SQ For Denying To Cater To Son's Food Allergy

A Singaporean woman who was on a Singapore Airlines Business Class flight was unhappy at the airlines for failing to cater to her son's food allergy. She had presented proof of her son's condition but was denied a customised in-flight meal. One of the staff on board had to bring her husband down the plane so that he can get a takeaway meal. How pathetic!

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