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Old Uncle (60+ yrs) dressed in short sleeves shirt & pants, carrying a laptop bag, did a 3 seconds stomping of feet just before getting on the escalator. Did not think too much as thought that he may have psychological barrier stepping on the moving escalator. (Some people do, esp kids/elderly) Because of the stomping, there was a big gap between the person in front of him, about 5 or 6 steps. Noticed that throughout the ride, he would turn his body behind and keep staring at people, as if getting ready to fight. Then something unbelievable happened. One Indian man overtook him on the right and shifted to the front of the Uncle, about 3 steps in front of him. Ample space, did not even brush/touch the Uncle. Uncle shifted to the right and walked up the steps to the Indian Uncle and scolded him saying "Hey what you did was very dangerous ok! How can you overtake me and push me aside!?", all this while jostling with the Indian man. Indian man stunned, don't know wtf happened and just try to ignore. At the end of the ride, Uncle purposely removed one of his shoes and stood still while saying "I dropped my shoes! I dropped my shoes!". People behind of him, me included, almost banged into him. Then after he wore his shoes, he acted like nothing happened and just walked normally away. People who saw this incident kept staring at him but no reaction from him, he just seemed contented.

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