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GE2020: Fernvale Is Ang Mo Kio GRC’s Forgotten Child

Why are Fernvale residents like me not being fully represented? Why are our concerns not taken seriously? Even during this election time also don't bother to come visit us. Is the PAP so confident that they will win Ang Mo Kio GRC until they can completely forget or neglect us?

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Covid19: Lu Ding Ji Eatery Encountered Allegedly Abusive Sengkang Customer

Like most local restaurants, Lu Ding Ji had to adapt and allowed its customers to order food delivery during Covid19. However, Lu Ding Ji happened to encounter an impatient and "abusive" customer from Sengkang. According to screenshots provided by the restaurant, they were exchanging messages with a customer named "Seng Kang". Even when it was explained to her that the delivery person was in the midst of being contacted, the customer appeared insistent about getting a delivery timing from the restaurant. In the end, the food was delivered to the customer at 1pm.

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Restaurant & Bar Hoteliers Alliance Come Together To Raise Funds For Single Mother Whose Flat was Burnt Down

On Good Friday, a fire swept through a 10th-floor HDB flat in Sengkang belonging to a single mother and her 3 children. The fire damaged the entire master bedroom, toilets, and sewerage pipes, as well as part of the living room. Her upstairs neighbour's toilet was also damaged and she might have to pay for those damages. To help her out, the Restaurant & Bar Hoteliers Alliance (RBHA) came together to raise funds for this poor family during this time of need.

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