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Chee Soon Juan Maintains Bukit Batok Walkabouts Even After GE2020

Even though two months have passed since GE2020, the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) Chief Dr Chee Soon Juan has continued to walk the ground. He has been meeting Bukit Batok residents and listening to their concerns around the constituency. It is embarrassing how Chee Soon Juan is more in touch with the issues around Bukit Batok than some part-time MP who claimed he will "always prioritise" his residents.

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Chee Soon Juan Slams Murali For Green Lighting Gathering Of Elderly Folks For Dinner At His Ward

Chee also accused the PAP MP of not learning from the community spread of the SAFRA Jurong dinner, in which over 30 cases have been linked to it, the most in one cluster in Singapore. This also comes amidst the backdrop of PAP Ministers calling out those showing COVID19 symptoms and yet going out for social events as being socially irresponsible. And yet, we have a PAP MP who says it was ok for the event to carry on, despite not being in line with being socially responsible.

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