SDP Regrets Appeal Court's Decision, Urged S'poreans To Support Them To Better Safeguard Their Interests

The Singapore Democratic Party regrets the Court of Appeal's decision, which dismissed Dr Wong Souk Yee's appeal and thereby showed that there is no need for a by-election when former PAP MP Halimah Yacob vacated her seat for the Presidency. The party urged Singaporeans to support it so that it can come up with better solutions and safeguard everyone's interests.

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PAP Adopt SDP's Proposal, Even Though They Always Slam SDP During Election Years

PAP copies SDP proposal

But this proposal is not new. In fact, Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) had put forth this thinking that streaming puts unfair labeling on school children since 1994. In their manifesto Dare To Change: An Alternative Vision for Singapore, Chee Soon Juan already wrote that a major problem of streaming is something called labeling. SDP have been actively championing the cause for removing of streaming. Now, 25 years later, PAP have finally followed the SDP's lead, and announced the removing of streaming, although it won't happen till another five years.

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