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Bukit Batok Fire: Murali Says Sorry, But Shouldn’t He Be Taken To Task?

Now is this not putting the blame somewhere else and refusing to take responsibility? We know that if this happened in a WP ward, the MPs there would definitely be taken to task and be accused of not doing their duty to ensure resident's safety, even though the problem lies with Town Council staff. What about Murali then? Would he be let off without a single admonishment?

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Another HDB Unit Catches Fire, 4 People Taken To Hospital

SCDF said they responded to a fire in a fifth-floor unit of Block 158 Yung Loh Road at about 7.45pm and put out the fire with a water jet. Of the four people taken to hospital, this include a woman who had to be rescued from a kitchen ledge by firefighters. She had apparently been on the ledge hanging on for dear life for about 20 minutes. Her neighbours saw her on the ledge, and notified the SCDF officers immediately.

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Based on photos taken on the scene of the incident, the maid had apparently fell into a neighbour's ground floor terrace. SCDF confirmed that they dispatched an ambulance to 2 Flora Drive at 12.05pm on Tuesday. A woman in her 20s was taken to Changi General Hospital and the hospital was on standby to receive her.

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