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S$15K+ French Horn Stolen In Singapore!

On 9 May 2021, Horn Maker Engelbert Schmid made a Facebook post sharing that he has been cheated of a horn via a credit card scam. He wrote – Schmid is a horn soloist from the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. In 1990, he set up his own workshop which specializes in …

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SingTel Customer Almost Had His Phone Number Hacked

A Facebook user shared his personal experience on a new scam tactic. He recounted how his SingTel mobile number was strangely terminated without his consent, and this was due to a hacker trying to takeover his number. These hackers were using a scam called SimSwap.

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Raising Awareness On Moneylending Scam

Hi ASS, I want to create some awareness to the public of the current trend the Ah Longs are trying to cheat people out there, especially during this COVID period, where financial is at stake. I cannot imagine how many defenceless individuals out there who are tricked, scammed by these irresponsible scammers who (allegedly) disguised as LICENCED MONEYLENDERS when they are actually the hideous Ah Longs.

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