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Lim Tean Takes Aim At Unnecessary Risk Taken By Organisers Of Private Event At SAFRA Jurong

Opposition politician Lim Tean has taken to his Facebook to post a scathing attack on the organisers of the "private function" at SAFRA Jurong, which has now accounted for 30 linked cases of the covid19, as well as a Merdeka generation event at Commonwealth MRT station over the weekend. He stated that both events were unnecessary, and called both the event organisers as irresponsible, for carrying on with events that puts people in mass gatherings when there is no need to.

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A new NS50 campaign was just launched by Safra on Sunday, named "We Salute our NSmen". This campaign hopes to rally Singaporeans to show their appreciation to all past and present national servicemen for their contributions. What this campaign is about is a simple premise, namely, the public just have to salute the national servicemen they know or meet in their daily lives. And they are also asked to post a photo or video of the salute on social media with the hashtags #NS50salute and #safrasg. Basically, this means that any male Singaporean that the public sees who are above 20 years of age, then we should salute them. As all Singaporean men are required to undergo NS, the person next to you on that public transport probably deserve a salute. Your husbands or boyfriends also deserve a salute. Anyone who is a male Singaporean, in fact, deserve a salute. So, start saluting away.

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Female model and AWARE enters fray over “Sexist” SAFRA Ad

The female model who appears in Safra's controversial advertisement said she does not find it sexist, even as women's rights group Aware condemned the ad. Ms Fiona Teo, 26, told MyPaper yesterday that "it's very normal to look at people in the gym", and added that she thought the ad showed a "sense of humour". The controversy brewed online over the weekend, after a woman posted a picture of the ad on Safra's Facebook page on Friday, complaining that it was disrespectful to women. It shows two men working out at a gym ogling an attractive woman - Ms Teo - behind her back. This was slammed by some netizens as degrading to women.

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