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GE2020: Another Paper General Expected to be Parachuted into PAP

Just how many paper generals does the PAP need? Since Pinky's own entry into politics as a Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) scholar, the pattern of ownself select ownself has gone on and on and the number of paper generals in the party has been increasing. The latest addition to the "mix" is expected to be the country's first woman general (but not first woman paper general) Gan Siow Huang.

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Covid19: Video of Mass Dance at Expo Investigated For Unauthorised Filming

An infectious video of a nurse leading a group of patients, mostly migrant workers, in a mass dance at Expo has been flagged as an unauthorised filming of patient activity. What an anti-climax! It is not clear if it was a staff or patient who took the video but there was no doubt it raised the spirits of many, including other foreign workers, and whoever took it probably wanted to spread the cheer. Many have shared it on social media, including Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin.

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Friends Joke About Plans To Get COVID-19 To Avoid Booking Into SAF Camp

An anonymous netizen sent some Instagram stories which contained insensitive remarks made about COVID-19. Their plan was to get themselves quarantined, and allegedly avoid going back to camp throughout their isolation period. One of them about made insensitive remarks about contracting the virus from foreign workers housed in SAF make-shift dormitories.

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