GE2020: Why the Double Standards in Enforcing Safe Distancing Rules between PAP and PSP?

Why is it that when PSP members did their walkabout yesterday at Bukit Batok, 2 safe distancing officers told them that they will be fined for breaching safe distancing rules? This is in phase 2, plus the PSP members clarified with the officers that they never had more than 5 people together.

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GE2020: ELD's Reasons For Not Announcing Campaigning Rules Do Not Stand Up To Scrutiny!

How can the ELD say that there will be enough time for all candidates, especially the opposition, to prepare for their physical campaign strategies when the ELD does not know, and is not supposed to know when the elections will be called? Only Lee Hsien Loong decides when to call for elections. Unless the ELD is in cahoots with LHL about when the elections will be held?

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Covid19: S'poreans Frustrated Over MND's OneService App In Reporting People Who Flout CB Rules

I have encountered some difficulties to report breaching of Circuit Breaker Measures and I believe a lot of people are sharing the same frustration judging from the comments on the Google Play Store for the One Service App. Is the One Service App just a token gesture by the government to pretend to collect feedback from Singaporeans, when in actual fact, it is just for show and they can't be bothered to take real action with the feedback that was given to them?

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Covid19: Why AMDK Can Flout CB Rules But Sinkies Fined $300?

I exercise almost Everyday passing by Robertson walk n Kim Seng along Singapore river there's always a group of expats there mingling and drinking even saw an expat with his Son fishing there. I've never seen a safe distancing officer there b4 is it that they dare not offend them?

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Covid19: Sovereign Lady Defies CB Rules Again By Going Out Without Mask For Third Time

First she never wear her mask when going shopping for groceries at a wet market. Then a few days back, she again never wear her mask on at Shunfu mart and still can confront passerbys who advise her to wear her mask. Today, another photo of her has popped up on social media showing her going out buying food without a face mask again. Who does she think she is that she is above the law?

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Covid19: PAP MP Seah Kian Peng Continues His Walkabout Despite Stricter Circuit Breaker Measures

First we had PAP MP Chia Shi Lu, who went to Alexandra Village Food Center with potential PAP candidate Colonel Eric Chua to supposedly distribute masks to hawkers. Now we still have Seah Kian Peng who also break the rules by going to the market alone, claiming that he is a safe distancing ambassador, even though he never wear the proper Tshirt and still can hashtag #walkabout.

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In an interview with the local media, former head of the Civil Service, Mr Peter Ho insisted that Civil Servants' job is not just to follow rules, but also ask how to improve them. Peter Ho was the Head of Civil Service from 2005 to 2010.

Feel that this is another lip service, report coming out just placate civil servants for the very low performance bonus they got this month. They are telling you that you can work creatively and ask questions of your superiors, but at the end of the day, you are still a servant, and you will still be paid relatively low.

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