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Three foreign talents, while on holiday in Singapore, went on a stealing spree involving sums of $11,549. The trio, who were Romanians, were in Singapore for an eight day trip, and were given jail sentences for 14, 12 and 6 months each. All three of them had enough money, reportedly about $9,257 and various other amount in foreign currency, but decided to steal money from shops on the first day they were here. All three arrived in Singapore on 29 March, and were scheduled to depart on 5 April. Their plan was simple, go to shops, pretend to ask for change of smaller denominations from $100, remove few pieces and keep in pocket, and return the small denominations and ask for the $100 note back, seemingly having changed their minds. They would then make a quick exit, return to a rental car, and move on to the next shop.

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Ex-Romanian diplomat’s sentence doubled by court

Former Romanian diplomat, Silviu Ionescu, has had his sentence for a hit-and-run incident in Singapore in 2009 doubled from 3 years to 6 by the appeals court in Romania. The ex-charge d’affaires to Singapore was charged with manslaughter and leaving the site of the car crash which hit 3 pedestrians and killed one of them, a Malaysian.According to news reports, the accidents took place in the early hours of 15 December, 2009. Ionescu was driving an Audi A6 belonging to the Romanian Embassy to Singapore when he hit two people who were crossing the street at that time.

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