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PAP can, and should, take the strong mandate from S'poreans as a second chance to perform well. A second chance to score As at the exam. It is good that PAP feels humbled by their win. It is good that PAP says the strong mandate will make them work doubly hard. This strong mandate is NOT a seal of approval that they can continue with their current policies unchecked, such as the 6.9 mil Population White Paper. PAP should take this strong mandate as a chance to put the wrongs right.

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9-year-old stabs himself with needles for missing one point on exam

Doctors in Harbin, Heilongjiang province removed four needles from the abdomen of a nine-year-old child who said he punctured himself as a form of self-punishment because he 'only' scored 99 percent on his final exam in school. Global Times reports that doctors at The 2nd Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University spent over two hours removing the sewing needles that were buried in the child's stomach. His father told medical staff he had discovered lumps on his son's stomach while bathing a few days earlier, but the boy had prevented him from checking closely. However, the boy began suffering intense stomach pain and was brought to the hospital.

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