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COVID19: Singapore Currently Facing Oversupply of Eggs

When Malaysia announced its lockdown in March, Singaporeans rushed to supermarkets to stock up on eggs and shelves were empty in no time. Prices of eggs started to increase slightly due to border restrictions. Fast forward 3 months, Malaysia is out of lockdown and has resumed their supply. Eggs are flowing into Singapore from Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and recently Poland. At the same time, demand from F&B dropped. As a result, egg suppliers find themselves having too many eggs, some having to discard as many as 250k eggs.

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Two restaurants in Arab Street were fined a total of $12,300 for selling shisha without a licence, reported HSA. They were caught selling the shishas 7 separate times Nasrin Restaurant located at 58 Arab Street was fined $10,500, while Sufi Corner, located at 56 Arab Street, was fined $1,800. Both restaurants are owned by Rupesh Kumar Singh. The two restaurants already had their tobacco selling licence revoked in 2014 for offences relating to tobacco. The two companies, however, continued to sell shishas from September 2014 to November 2014.

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