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Chee Soon Juan Maintains Bukit Batok Walkabouts Even After GE2020

Even though two months have passed since GE2020, the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) Chief Dr Chee Soon Juan has continued to walk the ground. He has been meeting Bukit Batok residents and listening to their concerns around the constituency. It is embarrassing how Chee Soon Juan is more in touch with the issues around Bukit Batok than some part-time MP who claimed he will "always prioritise" his residents.

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Bukit Batok Fire: Murali Says Sorry, But Shouldn’t He Be Taken To Task?

Now is this not putting the blame somewhere else and refusing to take responsibility? We know that if this happened in a WP ward, the MPs there would definitely be taken to task and be accused of not doing their duty to ensure resident's safety, even though the problem lies with Town Council staff. What about Murali then? Would he be let off without a single admonishment?

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Resident Questions Why TC Used Funds To Engage Lawyer in WP Case Without Consulting Them

Other pertinent issue raised by the resident was why the residents were not consulted if TC funds were used, why the TC hired the most expensive lawyer to represent them as if the case was strong, then even the cheapest lawyer can also ensure a Court victory over the WP, why there were no 3 quotations done to hire the lawyers representing the TC, and did the TC actually breach any rules and regulations in using the TC funds.

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