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Commentary: Normality Is Finally Back Somewhat!

This sudden lifting of restrictions is nothing short of a bright streak of sunlight breaking through this storm of doom and gloom. I beg of you people to practice whatever it takes to restore our signature brand of lukewarm peace. Before I go, I should warn you of this: The sudden re-opening of every bit of business and recreation will be overwhelming. There has never been any precedent of such a thing happening apart from war or shortage. I wouldn't blame you if you'd explode and run around your favourite spot. But tone down the excitement a little bit. At least enough to remember "One arm's length away from people". Or was it 2 ?

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GE2020: Workers Party Politician Bernard Chen Predicts General Elections July Timeline

The Covid19 Multi-Ministry Taskforce announced last evening that Singapore will enter Phase 2 of its reopening on 19 June. This decision was based on the Taskforce's view that Covid19 is "under control". With Phase 2, Singaporeans can expect most activities to resume but with safety measures in place. While many Singaporeans began rejoicing this Phase 2 announcement, The Workers' Party politican Bernard Chen Jiaxi eyed the Taskforce's decision more critically. Bernard Chen wrote in a Facebook post that Phase 2 was "nicely choreographed with the election in mind". He provided a suspected timeline for PAP to called for Parliament's dissolution.

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