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AVA has acknowledged that they hired contractors to remove cats, but only those who reportedly enters residents homes. This recent issue came to light when a Cat Welfare Society (CWS) mediator said that he had approached a man seen with a net and carrier to catch a cat that allegedly went into a residents house. The man siad he had been engaged by the AVA to remove the cat, and to bring the cat to AVA, or he would not be paid for the job. However, the cat was not found in the resident's house, and the mediator expressed his misgivings that the man, and any other cat catchers, would just take any cats in the neighbourhood and deliver it to AVA to receive his pay. This raises the question of the safety of the cats. AVA clarified that they will close the loop by checking with the person who provided the feedback to check if the contractor was present, and if the correct animal was removed. They also reiterated that all cats caught will be taken care of by their officers daily at the AVA pound, and if those cats are found to pets, they will try to reunite the cats with their owners.

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