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So What If I Date an Ang Moh?

I am dating a white man because he happens to be a combination of all these things I want. I am not dating him because of his race. In Asia, the majority of people want to be whiter. They spend money on creams and treatments to whiten their skin. They hide in the shade.They aspire to have bigger eyes and smaller noses. Photos are airbrushed until they look like ghosts. And yet, no one accuses these people of being racist or denying their Asianess.

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Secondary school teacher admits to having sex with 15 year old student

A 15-year-old student suffered from a psychiatric condition and an eating disorder after she had sex with a teacher, a district court heard on Tuesday. The Secondary 3 student experienced intense and prolonged psychological distress, feelings of disgust, guilt, shame and self-blame and had poor sleep during her sexual relationship with the teacher. The 33-year-old accused, who is currently unemployed.

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Maintaining a relationship while serving NS

Going through NS myself, I’ve heard many stories about how a guy falls out of love due to his commitment to national service. There are cases where it turns out to be good, where the guy strives for his best and focuses on sharing his love with his brothers around. There is also the flip side where the poor fella emo (becomes emotional) for a few days and starts doing silly stuff. The top few worries that an attached enlistee will have is definitely his relationship.

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