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Unscrupulous shop in Kembangan Plaza Selling Fake Xiaomi Phone as real ones

I called the shop and told them what I found out, but the salesman keep saying that this is an original set from Hong Kong and it is from the Xiaomi factory. I asked him repeatedly if it is a real Xiaomi phone and he just don't wanna answer. I said I want my money back but the salesman said goods sold cannot be returned and he will check wiith his boss I can get a refund. It's been more than 1 day and I haven't heard from them. PACTECH COMPUTER is located at 18, Jalan Masjid, 02-03 Kembangan Plaza. It is very near Kembangan MRT. They also sell computers, printers and other brands of phones. Please be careful of these unscrupulous merchants and not everything bought from QOO 10 is authentic. I hope Xiaomi company and Police can look into this before more people get conned.

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