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Police report filed against Piaggio Managing Director Mark Franklin

A netizen made a police report against Mr Mark Franklin, MD of Piaggio Asia Pacific yesterday (14 May). In his police report, the netizen said that Mr Franklin, riding a red Vespa scooter with license plate number FBE197R, allegedly made an illegal U-turn and caused an obstruction. Mr Tay, driving the car behind Mr Franklin, horned at Mr Franklin. Mr Franklin then allegedly responded by flashing his middle finger and challenged Mr Tay.

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Road rage driver Mark Franklin apologises to all Singaporeans

My name is Mark and I am the person involved above, First and foremost, I want to apologise to the anonymous driver with whom I had the disagreement shown in the video, and to all who felt offended after watching the silent clip. I humbly admit that I reacted in an inappropriate manner and I deeply regret my response. I lost my patience and for that I am truly sorry.

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Singapore lady: Mark Franklin was provoked by driver into flashing the middle finger

Mr. Franklin was pulling over to the right as he suspected that there’s a problem with his scooter. Note: He did not stop to threaten said victim. “Victim” Tay then honked at him, not ONCE as claimed, but continuously for the ENTIRE duration of the video and after. This ‘victim’ also HAD HIS MIDDLE FINGER UP THE WHOLE TIME. This prompted Mr. Franklin to walk over to his car to find out what the problem was. I can only imagine how pissed Mr. Franklin must have been because as if getting stuck with a faulty scooter is not unfortunate enough, he now has to deal with a rude fellow road-user who chose to seek unnecessary trouble instead of just taking the left lane where there is ample space to pass.

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