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I just bought a resale flat in Sengkang East and have a unblocked river view. I am a neighbour to this family of six. There is a grandpa, grandma, son, daughter-in-law and a pair of kids. Grandpa is leaving me souvenirs by spitting on my corridors and some days a few spits. To add on to this agony, his spits are hideous as they can't be removed by normal detergent cleansing. I called the NEA and lodged a report. I resorted to calling to police too. After all has been done, NEA did not resolve this issue despite speaking to the person at the door. Police did nothing about it and the town council can only continue to wash.

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Once A Cheater Always A Cheater: Science Says Cheating Is Repetative

If your current partner cheated on their ex to be with you, it’s very possible you’re relationship is in serious trouble. Research suggests lovers who are “poached” away from others are more likely to cheat in their new relationships. Scientists at the University of Southern Alabama researched levels of commitment and satisfaction among 443 men and women.

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