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"I should have just reprimanded my niece for seducing me". This was what the 54 year old child rapist said when charged in court for two counts of sexual assault by penetration, one count of outrage of modesty and one count of rape. He said that the 12 year old girl had behaved inappropriately towards him such as by touching his leg during a hospital visit. This was how he described the little girl who had supposedly teased him and made him lose control of his desires.

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Shanmugam: Criminals convicted of raping women or children which results in their death should get a default death penalty

A profile on Law Minister K Shanmugam published in the Business Times on 17 May [paywall] included an alarming proposal. In the article, Mr Shanmugam mentioned his intention to pass laws that would impose the death penalty on those convicted of raping or sexually assaulting women or children in a way that results in the victim’s death. Mr Shanmugam was quoted as saying: “My thinking is that there should be a default death sentence for those who rape or sexually assault women, resulting in the victim’s death, and for those who hurt a child and the child ends up dead. The accused in such cases should face the death penalty, unless he can prove why there shouldn’t be such a penalty.”

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Serial rapist said he believed his victims were willing to have sex with him

A SERIAL rapist accused of spiking his victims' drinks told the High Court on Thursday he believed the women were willing to have sex with him even before they met up at nightspots. Azuar Ahamad, 44, got to know the four women through a social networking application called Speed Date, using several personae such as "Denny" or "Shawn". He said he chatted online with them about sexual issues and was under the impression the women would have sex with him if they met up in person. He testified that after he met them, at least two of the women behaved in such a way - kissing and hugging him - that made him believe they were willing to have sex with him.

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