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“Ang Moh” is not a derogatory term

Ang Moh is a colloquial term used locally to refer to Caucasians. A large section of society uses the term and most of the time it is used without racist or malicious intent. It would be racist if an individual uses "Ang Moh" in conjunction with a descriptive word affixed at the front. For example, "Chao Ang Moh" which literally means Smelly Ang Moh, or "Ka Ni Na Ang Moh" (translated" f*** your mother Ang Moh). These would be termed racist. As the saying goes, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. The term Ang Moh is simply the local way of addressing an individual of Caucasian ethnicity and is not meant to be interpreted with a racist lens. And Ang Moh is a term our uneducated forefathers used to call their colonial masters.

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So Are We Just Not Going Tell Chinese People That New Years Was A Month Ago?

Apparently Chinese people actually think it’s New Years. They’re an entire month late. Aren’t these people supposed to be good at math? They keep saying it’s the year of the horse which I guess is code for doing a shit-ton of smack and being a whole month off on the ball drop. By now, most people have already broken all their resolutions and resigned to another abysmal year as they patiently await death – not the Chinese, they’re just now sleeping off their “last hangovers” and googling gym memberships. Swearing off dog and gluten at least until Chinese Super Bowl (Chinese Super Bowl is next month.)

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