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I also don't understand why our government would rather spend so much money trying to court these overseas "quitters' to come back than to improve the existing infrastructure and living conditions in Singapore so that lesser people will think of migrating overseas. Does the government value people with foreign educational background or work experience more than those with local experience? What does this say about the standard of our local workforce and educational institutions?

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STAYERS OR QUITTERS? PM’s poser gets people pondering

For some, the answer was crystal clear. As tour leader Zubaida Mohammad Salleh, 52, put it: 'Why should I run elsewhere? I'm a Singaporean. My family are all here and even though I've travelled to many places, I've never thought of living elsewhere.' Undergraduate Mervyn Sek, 23, agreed. 'Quitting has never crossed my mind. This is home, where you grew up, where you establish your first friendships, your first relationships.

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Stayers and quitters, patriots and opportunists

A Malaysian Chinese daily has just reported that it carried out a survey which shows that 87 per cent of Malaysians working in Singapore are not interested in taking up citizenship here because “all they want was to earn ‘Sing’ dollars,” and that “they love their homeland Malaysia deeply”. In China, world-famous film director Zhang Yimou recently declared that he gave up his US citizenship when it was no longer useful to him.

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