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Financial bank Goldman Sachs makes specific recruitment call for LGBT employees

IN WHAT could be a first here, renowned investment bank Goldman Sachs has made a specific recruitment call to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) students. Next month, it will hold an LGBT recruitment and networking dinner at its Singapore office, where attendees would be able to "discuss issues and concerns regarding being 'out' in the workplace with participants". An event listing on the company's website also made reference to its support of the Pink Dot event that is to take place in June. Goldman Sachs has been firm on being inclusive, regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation, boasting a list of employee networks such as The Disability Interest Forum, The Goldman Sachs Women's Network and LGBT Network.

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I’ve been taken by Adrianna Tan’s recent stream of posts about her experience as a gay woman in Singapore, namely The One About Having It All,Dear Gay Teen, and Dear Fundamentalist Christian, not least because localised narratives are so few and far between. Conservative voices would have us believe that the LGBTQ community is disproportionately loud here, but there were definitely too few stories – especially from those who aren’t cis men – when I needed them (and I still do).

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