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Netizen Shocked By GrabFood Service Fees

A netizen quarantined in Pan Pacific hotel tried ordering food delivery. He was shocked by the service fees charged by GrabFood. Screenshots sent by him show service fees going above $10. Based on his experience, other food delivery services have a delivery charge of $3.50. The netizen said that Singaporeans …

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Lawrence Wong Not Clear In His Statement About Quarantine Allowance, Now Says People Are Spreading Fake News

If Lawrence Wong's speech on the Wuhan virus was to be scrutinized, nowhere in the interview did he said that the $100 allowance is not intended for the tourists. However, he did say clearly that it will be given to those who are in quarantine, presumably including the tourists who are in quarantine. After all, how can Singaporeans be expected to read his mind, or indeed, how can Singaporeans even be expected to remember what the allowance was like back during the SARS virus.

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Thailand confirmed its 1st Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) case today at a press conference. It is now the 4th Asian country to be infected with the deadly virus this year. Thai Public Health Minister Rajata Rajatanavin told the media that the carrier was a 75 year-old Oman businessmen. The man had been travelling to Bangkok with 3 other family members for medical treatment of his heart condition but had unknowingly brought the virus to the country.

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