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Facebook Staff Risked Job To Reinstate Critical Spectator Page After Polish National “Pulled Strings”

Pro-PAP Facebook page Critical Spectator was one of those deactivated on 8 July 2020. However in a twist of events, Critical Spectator managed to get itself reinstated in late July. Polish national Michael Petraeus, explained that he "had to pull all the strings that I could, push Facebook's support and get the case higher up," Michael Petraeus was eventually helped by an unnamed Facebook staff to put his name on the line It is disturbing that a foreigner is able to pull strings that influenced a Facebook staff in Singapore to risk his job for the sake of getting this pro-PAP Facebook page back online.

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Confessions of a female SMU student

I just had a big shock recently. Several of my friends, whom i had known for over a year, revealed to me that the only reason they hung out with me in the first place was because they were hoping to use me to help them get a dream job with a bank (my father is pretty high up in one of the major banks). When i didnt pull strings with my father to help them out, they started looking elsewhere and apparently found someone else who was willing to help them (i don't know any details about who or what exactly). Now that my usefulness to them has run out (their own words), they don't see any point in pretending to be friends with me anymore and have cut off contact with me completely. Now everytime they see me on campus, they just pretend to be complete strangers, when previously we met each other almost everyday for meals, to study or just to hang out.

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