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The details of the German Girl, her shrine, and why some people worship her are all a bit obscure, but what little information exists is rather interesting. From what I've read online, she was the daughter of a coffee plantation manager who lived on Pulau Ubin. Sometime after World War I, something happened involving her parents and British soldiers; she was frightened and ran away (what she was running from is where the stories differ). In her attempt to escape, she fell off a cliff to her death. Her body was discovered by workers and eventually given a proper burial. I'm not sure why or how she became a deity, but she has many devotees who visit her temple regularly.

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So we decided to do brief stopovers in those two places along the way. We had roughly 36 hours in Singapore. When we landed, we dropped our packs off at the hotel, then headed straight to the island of Pulau Ubin for a bike tour we had booked for that afternoon. Getting to the island required a short ferry ride from the edge of the city.

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