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Court documents stated that on Feb 24, 2017, an MSF social worker called off the weekly visit citing concerns for the boy’s safety, after “receiving information” that Neo was “unstable” after a fight with her boyfriend. This made Neo upset, and she decided to confront the social worker, arming herself with a knife and a chopper. She made her way to the Social Service Office (SSO) in Taman Jurong, where she held the knife to her own neck and demanded to see the social worker. An alarm was raised immediately by SSO staff, but the social worker decided to approach Neo to calm her down. Neo however, pressed the chopper to the social worker's neck, but she managed to escape and restrain Neo with the help of her colleagues.

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Being glued to your smartphone can be a sign of psychotic disorder

According to psychiatrists, medical authorities worldwide need to formally recognise addiction to internet and digital devices as a disorder. ‘Singaporeans spend an average of 38 minutes per session on Facebook, almost twice as long as Americans,’ said a latest study by Experian, a global information services company.

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