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Jolovan Wham Asked The Sky… And Received Lightning

Fellow Singaporeans, Our mutual friend Mister Jolovan Wham is at it again. You think you’ve heard the last of him holding a smiley face in front of some government building again ? Think again. He just got a one way trip to Changi Prison for shouting with a bunch of …

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Police Charged Jolovan Wham For “Protest” Outside State Court, No Action Against FTs for Protest At CBD

Jolovan Wham holds A4 sized paper in front of State Court for a photo op, Police investigating him for illegal assembly without a permit. Foreign workers organise sit-in protest at CBD for three days, Police just advised them. So why the discrepancy? Is it because it is activist Jolovan Wham, who has made an enemy of the PAP? One rule for those you don't like, another set of rules for others?

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