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Police Charged Jolovan Wham For “Protest” Outside State Court, No Action Against FTs for Protest At CBD

Jolovan Wham holds A4 sized paper in front of State Court for a photo op, Police investigating him for illegal assembly without a permit. Foreign workers organise sit-in protest at CBD for three days, Police just advised them. So why the discrepancy? Is it because it is activist Jolovan Wham, who has made an enemy of the PAP? One rule for those you don't like, another set of rules for others?

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Singapore was treated to a unprecedented show of unrivalled blow-by-blow account of a sibling spat that shook the country for close to three weeks. Never have so many people switch so much to social media to watch the next FB post by any of the three royal siblings and many I believe would have burst their monthly data limit in order to catch the latest social media feed. So let us come out and discuss together as a people what we want for a better Singapore on 15th July Saturday. If you want to speak at our open-air forum - please let us know in advance. Each speaker has 5 to 10 minutes and we are limiting to a total of ten speakers only. You don't have to be eloquent to speak but need only to speak from your heart.

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