When I read that security guards earn a paltry $800 a month on average, I was appalled. (See: http://news.asiaone.com/news/singapore/rise-pay-security-guards-put) Is that how much we value a safe and secure environment? These guys work awful hours, need to be alert for suspicious activity and prowl your estates and whom are responsible for keeping houses and offices safe get paid less than a cleaner? Before CPF? Ridiculous.

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Why implementing minimum wage in Singapore is a terrible idea

First, let's take a look at what the minimum wage actually is. Too often, people start jumping on the minimum wage bandwagon without first understanding what its implications will be on Singaporeans. Some may think that minimum wage helps the most vulnerable groups in society. These groups refer to the very bottom percentile of low-income workers. The uncle who clears your food away at the hawker centre. The grass cutter who trims the grass at your HDB flat. The security guard who works the night shift at your heartland shopping mall.

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Cleaners, guards to get pay hike under new system

Cleaning firms must offer entry-level salary of S$1,000 and give increments in tandem with skills upgrading. Starting in September — after legislative changes are introduced later this month and passed by Parliament — cleaning companies must pay an entry-level salary of S$1,000 each month, up from the current median gross monthly wage of about S$850, and subsequently give increments in tandem with skills upgrading.

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