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Shed light on policies

Sometimes, it is painful when my company proposes a programme and the relevant agency puts up the ITQ, using the idea, specifications and requirements. But the next thing you know, another company is awarded the contract because it has submitted the lowest quote. Sometimes you cannot blame the agencies. Based on the business excellence model, they are told to build good relationships with their suppliers and sustain results and outcomes.

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Public accounts watchdog concerned over continuing procurement lapses

One lapse was in the tender evaluation of construction works by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis). For four tenders totalling $17.38 million, seven of the eight evaluation criteria were not made known to potential tenderers and incorrect information was also given to the quotation approving authority. The Ministry of Finance, which is responsible for public procurement policies and rules, said that it is requiring all the permanent secretaries and heads of agencies to report on the key findings from the procurement audits and the follow-up action each year.

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