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Aljunied Voter Insulted And Disappointed At Being Referred To As Free Rider

I, am a potential voter in Aljunied, and I have always identified as a opposition voter. And as Leader of the Opposition (LO) has predicted, I am genuinely insulted and disappointed at being referred to as a free rider. I still contribute to my country, as well as its reserves. If anything, please don’t be a hypocrite PM. Your party has said in Parliament, that we must not let diversity lead to polarisation among Singaporeans. But yet you are creating this divide between PAP and opposition voters.

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Commentary: On “Free Riders”

As I listened intuitively again to the PM’s speech on Wednesday to the Presidential address of our 14th Parliament, I can’t help but feel the current incessant attacks on the PM’s remarks about “free riders” have been taken out of context. It seemed as though the PM was desperately trying to buy his way out of the argument on the reason not to vote for the Opposition. Political discourse here should be shaped by sharp acumen, logic and sound reasoning rather than just jumping on the bandwagon to draw blood.

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Commentary: Civil Servants, Unelected Can Carry This?

Political appointees have no financial role, safe to say merely ‘approving’ the use of the $5 billion. If the PM is talking about decision making, it is the civil servants who are making the decision behind the scene, collating, presenting, advising where the draw down and transfer of money comes from. So is the prime minister trying to draw wool over people’s eyes when he said, ‘It is a big decision, S$5 billion of supplementary budget.

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