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I would like to express my disappointment from the unsatisfactory level of service in TTSH Pre admission counseling and evaluation clinic. I have expected much more from a prestigious and reputed hospital of their standard. Unfortunately, I can’t help but submit this letter of complaint hoping for a fast and adequate resolution. On 25/06/15 at 1300 hrs, I was at this pre admission counseling and evaluation clinic to do my check up before my operation, while I was waiting for my turn, I sat at the waiting area facing this room number 8, what I saw was a group of nurses, all dressed in different colour uniforms. They were talking and laughing loudly. I was so annoyed by it as I feel that this shouldn't be happening in a hospital, where we were so worried for our health conditions and there the nurses were laughing and screaming at each other. Another thing that shocked me, was a nurse dressed in blue shouted in hokkein vulgarities. How can such behavior happened in a hospital

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