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MSM News Reports That PRCs Are Buying Masks In SG To Send Back To Their Home

A report on the government mouthpiece paper, The Straits Times, said that some Chinese nationals who are living in Singapore are buying masks to bring or send back to their hometowns in China, as apparently, there are shortages arising from the Wuhan virus there. The report, which came out about a week ago, seem more apt now that Singapore is facing 4 new cases where the virus was locally transmitted.

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Government Warns Landlords Against Improper Eviction Of Home Tenants, As 30,000 PRCs Yet To Return To SG

Most believe that the decision by landlords to evict tenants and why the government has issued warning against doing such things was because as Minister Josephine Teo said, there were still 30,000 PRCs work pass holders based in Singapore that has not returned back to Singapore ever since the virus broke out. So, any move to evict these high numbers would represent a huge problem of homelessness that the Government would not want to face.

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Having interacted with many Chinese nationals during work and sometimes socially, I am astonished whenever I hear the proclamation of Singapore owing loyalty to China, or that we would do well to be part of their family. I wish I was joking here, but when my cousin's in-laws(she married a Chinese national) came to Singapore, they literally spoke of our country as if it was a part of China. There's no argument, no discussion, no questioning. We simply are a part of China, just as water is wet and fire is hot. What is their government teaching them?

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