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MOE Withholding Original PSLE Result Slip Not A Unique Case In Singapore, Diploma Student Also Affected

However, it has since came to light that MOE is not the only education administrators who withhold certificates or results slips, just because a student faced real issues in paying their school fees. WP politician Yee Jenn Jong has also revealed that he handled a similar case a few years back, when he was helping out at an MPS in Aljunied. He stated that he was approached by a distressed student who feared that she would not be able to apply for third year courses since her school withheld the original results slip due to outstanding fees.

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Angry Customer Complains About Ninja Van’s Fake Delivery Failures When He Is Home The Whole Day

I rescheduled for a delivery by Ninja Van due to failure in first delivery? First off, in their first delivery, they did not show up at my home and neither did they call me. On the second delivery, same thing happened. No delivery man and no phone call. Went and check on their track my package service and found out delivery man report as failure of delivery? I was home the whole day! If you make a search about Ninja Van reviews, majority are complaints. Their standard of service is not acceptable in Singapore

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