GE2020: PAP Manifesto Sent to Residents in People's Association Envelope

PAP, even though it is a open secret that the People's Association is your running dog on the ground, even though you deny it, you don't have to make it this obvious right? Sending your manifestos along with masks to resident using envelopes bearing the PA logo?

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GE2020: Lee Hsien Yang Calls On Sinkies to Vote For Opposition This GE!

Standing for the opposition needs character and courage in a way that standing on a PAP ticket does not. It demonstrates a willingness to sacrifice for our country. Alternative candidates have often been victims of unfair treatment, character assassination, and dissuasion from frightened family and friends. These candidates step forward to seek justice and equality for all.

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GE2020: PAP Josephine Teo Ignores Resident's Concerns And Rudely Walks Away Before He Finish Talking

Jalan Besar voters, is this the type of MP you want to represent you? Do you really think that Josephine Teo can be your voice when she doesn't even have the patience and respect for her voters to listen to their concerns and just walk away from you?

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GE2020: PAP's Brutality Against SDP Dr Chee Soon Juan Shows That The 4G Leaders Are Bullies

I find the POFMA application and the denial by PAP government to having any links to the floating of the idea of 10 million population in this stage of election very distateful especially the subject of plausible 10 Million population has surfaced many times over.

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GE2020: The PAP is Scared Of PSP And Is Resorting To Underhanded Tactics To Sabo Them

A fake bookie trying to scare people of a PAP victory through WhatsApp, specifically in WP and PSP contested wards. A Minister mixing up one Lee brother for the other. Some jackass stealing PSP flyers. Another Jackass tearing up PSP posters in Bukit Batok. PSP Posters in West Coast GRC being forcibly removed from lamp posts for "safety purposes" says town council.

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GE2020: East Coast-Fengshan Town Council Workers Spotted Distributing PAP Propaganda To Residents Homes

A resident has spotted foreign workers from the East Coast-Fengshan town council carrying and transporting a trolley full of bags and subsequently distributing PAP election pamplets and newsletters to voters in the ward.

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GE2020: 154 Media Changes Headlines On WP Jamus Lim Article To Make It More Flattering For PAP Vivian Balakrishnan

It looks like the writer got a memo from the Government to give the poor Minister some credit. It's like they need that extra support so badly. And thats why SIngapore's mainstream media tanks on independence and true journalism

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GE2020: Election Debate Showed Vivian Balakrishnan's Personal Vendetta Against Dr Chee Soon Juan

As I viewed the CNA debate last night, I really find it so hard to respect VB for the way he deliberately singled out CSJ as someone who patternly promulgates falsehood. That is such a mean blow below the belt.

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