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I would like to share an advice to everybody who go to Sushi Express outlets. No matter whether the waitress/waiter is nice or not nice, make sure that you check the correct number of plates before going to make payment at the counter. Recently, I went to Sushi Express for the first time. Yes, it was my first time visit to Sushi Express. I took 12 pink plates. Two of 12 pink plates has a smaller white shell-shaped dish each. After I finished eating, I counted how many pink plates I took. The total number of pink dishes was 12 pink plates. Then I counted the number of pink plates again. The confirmed total number of pink dishes was 12 pink plates. The other remaining dishes are two white shell-plated dishes. I called the waitress for an order slip. The waitress wrote "14 plates" on the order slip. I wondered why she wrote "14 plates", not 12 plates. I did not question her at the first place because I thought that all pink and WHITE plates were counted. (Note: It was my first time visit to Sushi Express outlet.) After I made payment at the counter and left Sushi Express outlet, I saw the big poster saying "Everything $1.50 per plate". (See Attached Photo)

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