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Meme-diaCorp? More Like MediaCorpse.

MediaCorp. The Public Broadcaster for our nation. For decades in some shape or form, it has brought entertainment directly to our ears and our eyeballs. But it is a far cry from its heyday. In my anger, I did some research to try and explain how this abysmal lack of creativity came to be. But then I realized that I have a limited fascination to this archaic situation that could be easily solved...

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The Lamborghini, of course, was a symbol, not a vehicle. “I grew up in a very poor family – slept on the floor, wore shoes until you could see my toes through the soles, bought extra-big school shorts so they could last for years and get tighter and tighter. I got a new shirt only once a year on Deepavali. I was thinking, as a 12-year-old, ‘If I can grow up and have my own house and a motorbike, or even any crappy car, I’ve made it.’”

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