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Some Penang-based students and their teachers have allegedly threatened to boycott a fellow student after the latter "liked" an "I Love Israel" Facebook page. This was followed by a comment from another alleged female teacher who said: "We burn him hahaha." A family spokesman said the 17-year-old male student had feared for his life, and was afraid to attend school this week.

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Singaporean ‘naturist’ says Penang nude games to promote health, not sex

A Singaporean who is the self-proclaimed "naturist" behind the controversial nude sports video shot in Penang said the event was not sexual in nature and was meant to promote a healthy lifestyle, a Malaysian paper reported. Mr Albert Yam, a member of a Singaporean naturist group, said he has been living the naturist lifestyle for 25 years and the practice, he stressed, does not prescribe going naked for sexual reasons.

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M’sian Authorities: Last sighting of flight MH370 possibly off west coast

Malaysia’s military radar detected what could have been Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 in an area in the northern Malacca Strait, hundreds of kilometres from the spot where the plane dropped off air traffic screens, the air force chief said today (March 12). Tan Sri General Rodzali Daud told a news conference at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport that the tracking was at 2.15am local time on Saturday, about 45 minutes after the plane with 239 people on board vanished from air traffic control screens midway between Malaysia’s east coast and Vietnam. He said the radar tracking was at a point 320 kilometres northwest of Penang island on Malaysia’s west coast.

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