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A pub worker was jailed and caned for attacking a customer with a wine opener around Peace Centre. Jerriek Chen Weixiong was angry at the male customer for trying to chat up his manager's girlfriend and followed him as he was leaving the pub. Armed with a wine opener, he punched the guy repeatedly with the sharp end of the opener in between his fingers, deliberately causing the man to get scratched and to bleed a lot. Two other pub workers followed his example and attacked the victim. They were all arrested after the police arrived at the scene. The victim, Mr Tay, suffered injuries to his face and was taken to Tan Tock Seng Hospital where he got multiple stitches. Loyal or stupid?

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Not-so-peaceful Peace Centre becoming 2nd Geylang

Salam and I would like to feedback of the not-so-peaceful, Peace Centre and its rowdy/sleazy activities taking place with your ministry licensing permit. My relative who lives across the street and runs a provision shop in the centre, runs her store literally with fear. In the daytime, anyone who passes by the place could never have imagined that come nightfall, the place effectively turns into a “second Geylang” with rampant coyotes, drugs and the likes of gangsters pitting for influence/control over the scene. Lawlessness is the norm and order of the night with police not daring to bring crime rates there under control. Rioting with damages to property, blatant smoking in prohibited spots, open selling of controlled and sex enhancement drugs are all but a common and frequent sight. The toilets hygiene standards are also severely lacking.

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