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Government And Opposition MPs Must Muster Courage To Face Contentious Issues Without Fear Or Favour

As I listened to the President’s address to Parliament at its opening on Monday, I can’t help but was drawn to the part where she mentioned that Singaporeans “desire for more diverse voices to be heard, and stronger checks and balances”. Until and when both the President and Speaker of Parliament are prepared to walk their motherhood talks and Opposition MPs are able to muster enough courage to thump through contentious issues without fear or favour, the next 4-5 years will be a replica of post-2011 where the PAP will rebuild its lost momentum.

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GE2020: Parties Given Sufficient Time Before Parliament Dissolved?

In a sudden national broadcast, PM Lee Hsien Loong announced on 23 June 4pm that he had advised President Halimah Yacob to dissolve Parliament. He gave excuses why the GE2020 should be called before April 2021, citing reasons like Covid19 and the threat of external uncertainties. This paves way for Singapore to see GE2020 Polling Day to be on 10 July. Given how political parties and candidates only had 5 days between 18 June and 23 June when Parliament is dissolved, it seems the PAP thinks that having a preparation time of less than a week is "sufficient".

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WP Continues Asking Relevant Questions In Parliament On SG’s Reserves

Mr Perera questioned the Finance Minister on whether the Reserves should always go up and up at the same rate now as was in previous years, especially since 2008, where during the global financial crisis, Singapore had to use a tiny fraction of the Reserves. For comparison, DPM Heng said that Singapore's Reserves need not be dipped into during this period, as businesses and Singaporeans are hit hard by the COVID-19 situation.

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