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A parentocracy with entitled children

What does this mean? That those lower down the ladder will stay there – and so will their children and even their children’s children. If you are a nobody who knows nobody, your kid will be a nobody too. It sounds scary but there is some truth in what he said – unless society can pitch in to level up the children whose parents are less privileged. There is another article on the same page which talks about the flip side – children who have a sense of “entitlement’’. They think that their parents or society at large should provide them with whatever they need or want – even without them having to work for it.

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Hard work and effort still key to success in Singapore

The article on Parentocracy today seemed to suggest that having more successful parents equals to having successful children because of the additional opportunities that these parents can provide. This equation is unfair. I can cite many examples of successful parents who provide plenty of opportunities for their children and yet their children do not succeed. Having additional opportunities do not equate to success. Success is earned and one must sweat for it.

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Beware growing ‘parentocracy’: NIE don

Parents will play an increasingly vital role as the education system becomes more complex, but a side effect is that their varied backgrounds and means may widen social inequality, a National Institute of Education don said yesterday. "It seems to me that instead of having a meritocracy, increasingly what we have in Singapore is a parentocracy," Associate Professor Jason Tan said at an Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) seminar on education.

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