GE2020: WP Png Eng Huat Exposes The Civil Service For Addressing Unelected PAP Loser As MP Of Hougang

Hougang residents have received letters and replies from Ministry of Education and Ministry of Social And Family Development, which say that the losing and unelected PAP candidate Lee Hong Chuan is the MP of Hougang SMC. This is another insidious way in which the PAP tries to hold on to power.

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GE2020: PAP Manifesto Sent to Residents in People's Association Envelope

PAP, even though it is a open secret that the People's Association is your running dog on the ground, even though you deny it, you don't have to make it this obvious right? Sending your manifestos along with masks to resident using envelopes bearing the PA logo?

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GE2020: PAP's Jalan Besar Candidate Mr Sundilah Accused of Playing Up Malay Stereotype

During the Jalan Besar constituency broadcast, PAP candidate Dr Wan Rizal Wan Zakariah said that he spent his years in the kampong, chasing chickens, climbing trees and in the HDB he played sports, that's how he ended up in normal stream in secondary school. What he is missing is just lepak play guitar at void deck.

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GE2020: Petition Started for PAP to Apologise for Statement on Raeesah Khan

A petition for PAP to apologise for its press statement on Raeesah Khan has started today. The petition starters found the PAP behaving hypocritically as PAP members themselves have made racially insensitive remarks.

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GE2020: Police Report Made on Actor Dennis Chew for Brownface Ad

A netizen disclosed that his cousin has just made a police report against the actor Dennis Chew in the brownface ad for Nets for the same reason Raeesah was reported. This comes as more and more police reports are being made after police reports were made against WP Raeesah Khan's online comments.

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GE2020: Police Report Made on PAP's Press Statement of WP's Position on Raeesah Khan

A concerned citizen has made a police report on PAP's press statement asking WP to state its stand on Raeesah Khan's posts. The purpose of this report is to hold the PAP accountable for an "offence of promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion or race under Section 298A of the Penal Code" as well as the spreading of online falsehoods.

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GE2020: Sinkies Should Make Police Report On All The Racist PAP Comments!

Standing in solidarity with Raeesah, all of us should make police reports about the various racist things PAP have said and inundate SPF with these reports. If thousands of Singaporeans do this, they’ll have to stop the smear campaign and investigation into Raeesah!

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GE2020: Police Report Made Against Man Who Reported WP Candidate Raeesah Khan To The Police

A police report has been made against the man who is believed to have reported WP's Sengkang candidate Raeesah Khan to the police for her 2018 social media posts. The man, a known PAP IB, Abdul Malik bin Ghazali, outed himself in a Facebook post by claiming that he was the one of the first to leak out and viral screenshots of her Twitter account.

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